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sairah merrygold
29 August 2013 @ 03:19 pm

here's the photo of EXO's Growl repackaged album.there's two.one of them belongs to my dear bestie.
giving away the huge poster!cause im not using it.oh well..i dont like poster.why must they include it?!its not like i will use the poster...


picture..Collapse )



2 cuties shared the same birthday!Collapse )

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sairah merrygold
21 July 2013 @ 12:23 am

bought some shop photos recently at a very cheap price from someone.i wanted inoo's shop photos during his junior days only.but since its cheap,why not get more.hahaha.oh well.i dont know if i should get their recently released shop photos.i might not get it this time.should save my money...

sairah merrygold
16 July 2013 @ 06:54 pm

some magazines arrive just now.dont know when is the next time im buying magazine again.lol.i have too many HSJ covers magazine.time to collect more V6 uh.but i have limited space for my fandom stuff now.oh nooooooo

gosh! Angel introduce me this song & i love this it!

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sairah merrygold

giving away my AKB48 Sayonara Crawl Theater Edition and selling some theater photos (mostly Sato Amina's photo). :)

i prefer Singaporean. however, i don't mind giving away these singles/selling the photos if you're not from Singapore. however, you have to pay for the shipping fees. and i only accept paypal for payment. for Singaporean, i prefer doing meet ups any where between Tampines to Dover MRT (green line).

click here to view the picturesCollapse )

comment here if you're interested or have any questions. :)
sairah merrygold
13 July 2013 @ 01:17 am

bidded this in yahoo auction recently.had to pay an expensive price for all the 19 fcb.it was all worth it i guess?the shipping fees make it worst.like seriously.cost more than the stuffs.but yay.time to save up.no more buying till JW DVD!!!!

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sairah merrygold
10 July 2013 @ 11:55 pm

some of the goods that arrived few weeks.didnt have time to upload it on LJ.hehehe


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sairah merrygold
WHY DID THEY SACK ROBERTO MANCINI?! OMG! I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN HANDLE THIS! he's one of my favourite manager ever. like hello! he helped man city won fa cup and epl! just because he didn't this year, there's no need to sack him. ahhhhhh! i don't know if i can handle this :( i'm more upset to see mancini go than man city losing the fa cup and epl. i dont care! they are the runner up for both! that's already good. why do they need to sack him! the club is too mean....... im just waiting for the next season to start. i wont say that nobody can replace mancini. but i hope the next manager will be better so i won't be that depressed about him leaving the club. oh well. i guess i'll be sad for a while only. im fine now. cause guess what?! while i was typing this, the postman came and i got my FLIX magazine featuring okada! woohoo! ordered it from hmv. wanted to get it from cdjapan but i ordered it late and it no longer available. oh well. ahhhh. i need to do my report now and then, off to study. hopefully or sleep.hahaha. now, i really dont know who is my bias in V6! someone please tell me!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!

ahhhhhhh!! :O
can't help but to take a picture of his hands! hahahaha! :P
while flipping the magazine, i saw jaejoong! >_< there's too many good looking guys that i like! like kame! ahhhh! but i cant take all the photos right? hahaha! anyway.... this magazine is awesome!


i went to Lunafly's show in singapore on 12 may with my best friend. she wants to go and i agreed to accompany her even though i was sick. mehhhh. anyway, it will be nicer if i wasnt sick. hahaha. oh well. i took a lot of photos (total 700) for my friend. here's the photo :) don't claim it as your own. :)


off to do report! ciao!
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sairah merrygold
06 May 2013 @ 08:57 pm

yay! it arrive in my letterbox on thursday.but sadly i couldnt take it out since the letter box is kinda small.i mean the postman would be able to put it in or take it out but for us,no.the thing kind of become smaller.so yea.i had to put a note on my letter box and ask the postman to deliver it to my house.and he did!ok.i wasnt at home when he deliver it.but thank you mr postman.sorry to trouble you.next time please dont put it in the letter box if you see the parcel is that big!hahaha.ok.my fault.i should have use registered mail.i learn my lesson ok!hahaha.oh well!its here anyway! :D


as you guys know/dont know,my bias is Ken.but i love Okada too!! >_< but..i love Go as well! :O & sakamoto,inoochii and nagano!!!! ^_^ so i couldnt decide what to get.so i ended up ordering the phamplet,group clearfile and group photoset.i never had this problem for HSJ.ok i think my love for inoo is more than HSJ.i love V6 as a whole.yes!i said it.hahahah!oh well :') im sooooooo happy! :)


sorry.just taken this picture.its kinda dark.hahaha.oh well! :P

sairah merrygold
18 April 2013 @ 12:08 am

HOW AWESOME IT IS TODAY?! I RECEIVED TWO PACKAGES! BOTH MY OKADA MAGAZINES HAS ARRIVED! havent fangirl since i need to sleep early today.probably will fangirl over on weekends or something!

yay.i finished my CIW homework.seriously need to revise soon.i feel so left out :(

oh!had a great time with yuki and yt just now.i just love going out with them.and i hope yt is alright.get well soon babe! :)

From cdjapan.took this 2weeks to arrive.cheapest shipping method anyway :P

From HMV Japan.took it two days to arrive.well,ship by EMS. ^^

a random picture of my naughty kitty bullying my care bear! hahaha.she's so cute <3

sairah merrygold
13 April 2013 @ 11:35 pm


the view i got wasnt that good as i didnt want to come VERY EARLY just to get the moshpit. and there was so many fanboys! crazy fanboys if you ask me. all these wotas. tsk. anyway, i dont know why,am i lucky or what?! i could see amina not once or twice but so many times. the view i got was kinda bad but i could see her clearly most of the time. alright, i came kinda late. like around 5.40pm. so yea, the place i got wasnt good. but who cares!!! I GOT TO SEE AMINA SO MANY TIMES! SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING! AWW! AND SAYAKA TOO! SHE SPOKE ENGLISH! I RESPECT HER SO MUCH! IM GONNA MISS HER! SAYAKA IS SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL! TRUST ME! awwww!

my dear best friend was there to accompany even though she wasnt a fan of AKB or knows any of their songs. but she likes heavy rotation! hahaha! anyway, my dear best friend help me to take fan cam while i struggle to watch my dear amina perform. oh! its not like i never watch the others. i did. but im more interested in amina! i would want to go for the meet & greet. but i think all the wotas will be there like damn early. so no use trying my luck. oh! and seriously, $25 is already good enough. and i enjoy singing along with them. akb... please come to singapore again... amina please come again. it will be sayaka last performance here in singapore. i'm going to miss her a lot! she's so gorgeous. and sayaka speaking english. wow. her english isnt that good but i could understand everything that she said. i don't have any picture or fancams now since my dear besr friend took it for me. so i'll update it later! sorry! the fancams isnt that clear. i really hope someone took a clear picture of amina! PLEASE SHARE!!! amina looked at my side! aww aww!

right! im too tired now. well, i can't really remember the exact order. but these are the songs that they performed:
Heavy Rotation
Everyday Kachuusha
Manatsu Sounds Good
So Long
Flying Get
Gingham Check
First Rabbit
What Can I Do For Someone

encore: Heavy Rotation

argh! they didnt perform Beginner! :(

whatever it is, please come to Singapore again!!! or! PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR AMINA FOR THE UPCOMING ELECTION! LOVE YA!

hint hint to Johnnys, please bring your artist to Singapore soon. look at those fanboys. imagine all the fangirls. IT WILL BE A LOT MORE! oh! there's so many Indonesian and foreign fanboys also. seriously guys, you all have JKT there! let us Singaporean enjoy!
spot my beautiful oshimen, amina, and sayaka!
off to bed! meeting my dear best friend again tomorrow!

saw HSJ concert goods! OMG! I HATE YOU JOHNNYS! :(
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