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27 March 2016 @ 10:00 pm
its been a long time...  
omg! i havent been posting any entry since two years ago :O its been a long time. so many have change. and currently i have already started working. and in a month time it will be my 2 years. how time passed by really creeps me out. it is so scary that im a lot older than when i first started this livejournal. so many things happen in real life and also in fandom life. and of course my love for Hey!Say!JUMP and Johnnys idol is still the same. though recently(or in the past two years), i have been more interested in senpais group such as TOKIO and SMAP. and recently Kanjani8 too. never thought that i would ever like or take notice of them but then i saw Yasu and Ohkura and i became interesed. oh no -_- well i dont talk much about work but there are always up and down too. it my free time i will post more about my work. and yes in a week time i will be going to Korea. yea yea.. i want to go to Japan but my sister wants to go to Korea. since im not really into planning, i just follow her and decided to go to Korea.. well it doesnt matter you know. as long as i can take break from the tiring work. hehehe! alright i have work tomorrow. that's all for now. muaks


and Taguchi :( i will miss you so much! i wish you all the best.. hugs

also i will work on my tags. its really messy. how could i stand it at first...
Current Mood: gloomygloomy
takarai_karin (宝居かりん)'s writing journalcrayonedceiling on January 24th, 2018 03:44 am (UTC)
Hey this is takarai_karin with the VS Arashi decryption key

I'm using my ficcing journal, cause I had to account-hop since I keep hitting LJ's PM limit, it's a bother relogging OTZ and I feel bad for OOT commenting, but here's the decryption code:


Please delete this comment after you got the code and not to reshare the file :3