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11 February 2014 @ 10:34 pm
some updates  

yooohoooo!havent been updating LJ for such a long time!been really busy!anyway life has been full of ups and downs these days.and fyp is finally finish.had eating disorder for 2 weeks but im ok now.and i recently have a new crush which is kind of stupid.oh well.what else.went to yt's house for cny.it was soooo fun!and my school is ending soon.seriously i need to do my resume and send it before school starts.ok i have test tomorrow.will try to do it tomorrow.oh ainoarika.im loving that single.i mean every song from that single.and inoo is so flawless in the new pv.and chinen you handsome boy!oh inoo was blonde for 3 weeks only.oh yes i love his black hair.and he look so good in his new hairstyle.but apparently he wants to dye it blue after this.i'll be waiting!ok this post is such a mess up.probably wont be updating any soon.who knows!


some okada junichi's shop photo form kimikimi single arrived last month.i'll scan it if i have the time.after exam obviously :D


oh.forgot to mention.i received my second set of OMG and kimikimi single in december.haha.there was discount on cdjapan so i had to get this :D

anddddd..i finally preordered my Hey!Say!JUMP calendar!like finally.oh my ainoarika cds have yet to arrive.kind of broke this time.so had to choose the cheapest shipping method.oh well :)



Current Mood: tired