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18 November 2013 @ 06:02 pm
Happy 33rd Birthday Okada Junichi XD  
since i couldnt buy the OMG DVD,i decided to get this instead.alright i will get the OMG DVD once i have the money for it.which is definitely not soon since HSJ decided to release a new single this coming december.and HSJ is my priority.even though i love V6.ahhhh.this is such a confusing thing.oh well 😅
went to eat pastamania with the gang.hahaha.i mean with my friends, serene, angel, joellene, eknam & genna.is it the first time the 6 of us have eaten outside?i guess.hahaha.oh well.still at the hospital.daddy can return home tomorrow! yay! 😊

Current Mood: tiredtired